Why Start a Wine Club?

Why start a wine club?

Not just any old wine club, but a club that exclusively offers organic, biodynamic and natural wines? 

The answer is simple.

First of all, what is a biodynamic or natural wine?

Wines made from healthy organic vineyards without the use of herbicides, pesticides, and harmful chemicals qualify as biodynamic or natural. Wines vinified without the use of unnatural additives are simply better for you!

The particular wines offered at CourtWineClub.com are supplied from families, men, and women who have, in a lot of cases, farmed generationally. They are artisans and it is for their love and life’s passion to farm with integrity, unlike corporations who are concerned with net profits or shareholders. These are individuals who live off the land; they farm and work tirelessly by hand each day.  The resulting wines express their unique terroir, a French term used in wine-making/tasting to describe the different aspects and characteristics of wine based on where it was originally sourced.  These farmers produce wholesome, healthy and unprocessed wines which contribute to healthy living.

Personally, I am an advocate for health and wellness.  I live a healthy lifestyle by incorporating wholesome foods such as veggies, nuts, fruits and healthy protein into my diet, as well as including moderate exercise into my daily routine.  I always avoid processed foods and drink. Processed foods are packed with unhealthy additives, sugars, and bizarre ingredients I can’t even pronounce.  Much like food, commodity wine is processed with added sugars, coloring, stabilizers, and excess sulfur (to mention a few), but is not required to list ingredients on the label. I am proud to say that CourtWineClub.com offers a healthy alternative to large scale commodity wines in the market.

CourtWineClub.com delivers organic, biodynamic and natural selections straight to your door! Each month I will curate reds and whites exclusive for the club and delivery is free for Monmouth County, NJ residents. Select either a 3pk or 6pk case and choose all red, all white, or a mix. Exclusive members-only tastings and events are just some of the perks…won’t you join us?



Nick Pizzonia

Curator, Court Wine Club

Nominated for Outstanding Wine Professional in New Jersey by the Garden State Culinary Arts Awards, Nick’s passion for natural, organic and biodynamic wines, and how they contribute to healthy lifestyles, was the inspiration for the Court Wine Club.

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